Chess in the Park

Chess Edinburgh have started playing Chess at the Fountain Cafe, West Princes Street Gardens -located near the Fountain, Play Park and Public Toilets.

They are meeting at 2pm, every Thursday - Juniors are more than welcome to come and play - and it'd be a great way to get some chess in over the holidays.

Gary Scott the Proprietor of the Fountain Cafe in the West Princes Street Gardens is enthusiastic, as he has experienced Chess being played at Central Park, New York and is a Chess player himself, which is a bonus.

The Cafe can accommodate outside is 100 players or 50 chess sets, so table space is not an issue.

If you are thinking of attending on any Thursday afternoon, please bring a Chess set with you (and a Chess clock if you have one!)

We hope to see many of you over the summer months!

The Scots are coming!



Allen Richard  Pentland Primary School

Ball Torokoff Clara  Sciennes Primary

Ball Torokoff Maximilien  Nigel Short Chess Society

Baynes Ollie  St Peters Rc Edinburgh

Best-Solorzano Sara  Pentland Primary School

Bolt Charlie  Bonaly Primary School

Brough Will  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Bruce Alexander  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Burdon-Cooper Austen  South Morningside Primary School

Calwell Christopher  St Peters Rc Primary School

Carlyle Hannah  Bruntsfield Primary School

Carroll Reene  St Georges School For Girls

Chalmers Rocco  Flora Stevenson Primary School

Clarke Aiden  St Peters Rc Primary School

Connolly Sams Dietah  Blackhall Primary School

Connolly Sams Lukah  St Thomas Of Aquins High School

Craigie Hugh  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Dalgliesh James  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Davis Aidan George Watsons College

Davis Alistair  George Watsons College

Dean William  Fettes College Preparatory School

Deng Aidan  Nigel Short Chess Society

Dines Caitlin  St Peters Rc Primary School

Dobson Joe  George Heriots

Feng Jennifer  Sciennes Primary School

Feng Jonathan  Sciennes Primary School

Ferry  Maarek  Bruntsfield Primary School

Fordyce Jamie  South Morningside Primary School

Golkonda Pranavi  Nigel Short Chess Club

Griffiths Ashley  Low Port Primary School

Hartman James  Nether Currie Primary

Kelly Will  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Kelly James  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Kringe Cristina  St Peters Rc Primary School

Leung Ruairidh Yueon  St Peters Rc Primary School

Liang Chelsea  Fettes College Preparatory School

Mackinlay Vich Sergi  Sciennes Primary School

Macrae Isla  James Gillespies Primary School

Macrae Elliot  James Gillespies Primary School

Mather Sammi  St Peters Rc Primary

Mccullagh Niall  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Mcghee Javid  South Morningside Primary School

Mclaurin Murdo  Nigel Short Chess Society

Milligan Andrew  Earlston Chess Club

Palanivel Raghav  Corstorphine Primary School

Patterson Leander  James Gillespies Primary School

Pollak Leopold  Sciennes Primary School

Primrose Alfie  James Gillespies Primary School

Proctor Jake  Errol Primary School

Reid Jamie  Bonaly Primary School

Rice Joseph  George Watsons College

Roddam Peter  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Ruiz Oliver  Bruntsfield Primary School

Ruzov Misha  Edinburgh Chess Club Tiger Cubs

Sandham Alasdair  Low Port Primary School

Sandham David  Linlithgow Academy

Scully Marco  South Morningside Primary School

Shepherd Orlaith  St Peters Rc Primary School

Shepherd Sorcha  St Peters Rc Primary School

Shetty Chirag  Sciennes Primary School

Simmers Olly  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Skillen Fergus  Boroughmuir High School

Stewart Ethan  George Watsons College

Tai Eva  Sciennes Primary School

Taylor James  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Tooth Jonas  James Gillespies Primary School

Turnbull Cole  Sciennes Primary School

Venters Ellie  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Verma Arnav  Flora Stevenson

Vundi Karthikeya  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Whalley Oliver  Erskine Stewarts Melville College

Willder Matthew  George Watsons College

Wilson Florence  Flora Stevenson Primary School

Yanev Pavel  Flora Stevenson

Zhang  Richard  St Peters Primary Scbool

Team Day 3 Results

P5&U (14 entries)
1st Sciennes A (Team shield) - won tie break with NSCS by 1/2 a board point.
2nd NSCS
3rd St Peter's A (School's shield)
4th ESMS A
5th Linlithgow Barbarians

Challengers prize: Flora Stevenson
Intermediate (1): James Gillespie's
Intermediate (2): St George's

P6/7 (16 entries)
1st Sciennes A (Team shield)
2nd St Peter's A (School shield)
3rd ESMS P7 A
4th Flora Stevenson
5th Brunstfield
6th James Gillespies

Challengers prize: Pentland A
Intermediate: Sciennes B
Minor: Pentland B

Secondary (5 entries)
1st Tiger Cubs (Team shield)
2nd NSCS
3rd Linlithgow Academy  (Schools shield)

Team Day 2 Results

We were delighted to welcome over 160 kids today for our second team day of the season. The P6/7 event also acts as a qualifier for the UK National Schools Chess Championships run by the ECF.

Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to seeing you at our events later in the year.

P5&U (16 entries)
1st Erskine Stewart Melville Schools (Knight's shield)
2nd Sciennes A (Almond shield)
3rd Sciennes B
4th St Peter's A
5th South Morningside

Challengers prize: ESMS P4
Intermediate: St Peter's B
Novice: West Lothian Barbarians

P6/7 (18 entries)
1st St Peter's A (Castle shield, UKSCC Qualifier) - Won tie break with Sciennes - third round of board elimination
2nd Sciennes A (Forth shield)
3rd St Peter's B
4th= Flora Stevenson - (Couldn't be separated on tie break)
4th= NSCS - (Couldn't be separated on tie break)
6th Brunstfield

Challengers prize: ESMS P7 A
Intermediate: ESMS P7B
Barbarians prize: Linlithgow Barbarians
Novice: James Gillespie's

Secondary (6 entries)
1st Linlithgow Academy  (Lothians Winter shield)
2nd Auchterarder
3rd George Watson's (Esk shield)

Our next event is our final Team Day on the 19th of March.

Team Day 1 Results

We were delighted to welcome over 170 kids today for our first team day of the season, we're checking the archives and we think that is our biggest ever entry. Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to seeing you at our events in the new year.

P5&U (15 entries)
1st Erskine Stewart Melville Schools (Mark Sanderson shield)
2nd Sciennes A (Calton shield)
3rd South Morningside
4th Bonlay
5th Sciennes B

Challengers prize: Pentland
Intermediate: Brunstfield
Barbarians prize: St Peters and Dunbar
Novice: Low Port

P6/7 (20 entries)
1st St Peters A (Bill Platts shield)
2nd Low Port (Queensferry shield)
3rd Flora Stevenson
4th Bonaly
5th Sciennes A
6th NSCS

Challengers: ESMS P6
Intermediate: Sciennes B
Barbarians: Linlithgow Barbarians
Novice: James Gillespies

Secondary (7 entries)
1st NSCS (Lothians Secondary shield)
2nd Linlithgow Academy (Holyrood shield)
3rd Woodmill Warriors

Our next event is the Lothian Junior Championship on the 22nd of January
Our next Team Day is on the 26th of February.

20th November - Team Day 1

Team Day 1 will be held at Wester Hailes Education Centre on the 20th of November.

As well as team entries, this year we're experimenting with allowing children from our region (Edinburgh, Lothians and the Borders) to enter our events as an individual - we will then form a team for you with other children without a team. 

Entry for the Primary competitions is restricted to Primary schools, clubs or individuals who live in Edinburgh, Lothians or the Borders.

Entry for the Secondary competition is restricted to Secondary schools, clubs or individuals who live in Edinburgh, Lothians or the Borders - but also for any secondary school located in Scotland.

Tickets and entries can be made here:


The Lothian Junior Chess (LJC) AGM will be held on Thursday 8th September at the Edinburgh Chess Club, 1 Alva Street, Edinburgh with doors opening at 7:00pm for coffee, tea and biscuits and a chance for an infomal chat before the AGM itself at 7:30pm.

Anyone who has taken part in any of the events we have organised, and this includes the parents of players and team managers, or who has an interest in developing or supporting junior chess in the Lothian regions are welcome and are positively encouraged to attend.

We are always looking for new ideas for promoting chess and for better ways of running our events and the AGM is a great opportunity for anyone for their own ideas to bring them to our attention.