Chess in Primary Schools


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Bonaly has a thriving Chess Club, with more youngsters wanting to play than we are able to handle.  Our emphasis is that the boys and girls should most of all have fun, but we do take part successfully in inter-school and individual competitive events run by LJC and others.

We have two Monday sessions, which operate through all three terms.  Children from P4 to P7 come along to our main Chess Club at 6:00 pm, and P3 and P4 beginners learn to play from 3:30 pm to 4:40 pm.  Activities are run by a small number of volunteer parents and (mostly!) grandparents, without expert assistance.  There are no charges, apart from entry fees for external events.

If we had more adult help, we could devote more time to chess tuition, and a smaller proportion to crowd control!  So if you live locally and might be able to help us occasionally, do please contact the Club Organiser David Chambers on 0131 441 2040.  It is worthwhile and very satisfying!


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Flora's Chess Club meets on a Wednesday after school and is open to pupils at the school from P3 upwards who already know how to play chess. We also run lunchtime classes for complete beginners in P3 and 4. For more information contact

Our players compete in local tournaments, both team and individual, and in the spring term we run the school's round of the U.K. Chess Challenge during Golden Time on Fridays. In the summer term of 2016 we took part in the online Yes2chess tournament, making it through to the UK semi-finals.

We're currently looking for coaching help either on an occasional or a regular basis. Please contact if you'd like to find out more.


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Chess club at Pentland Primary School meet on a Wednesday from 3:15-4:15

The kids join by filling in an application form which is given to all children from P5-7. Parental permission and contact details are taken and it must be made clear if pupils are to walk home or be collected.


Sciennes primary chess club meets every Monday from 3:30 to 4:45. It is open to children from p2 to p7.

Currently, we have 65 children divided into 3 rooms: beginners, intermediate and advanced and the children move up as they progress.

They need to book a place and pay before joining the club as it is a very popular club and we have a waiting list. They can join for a term or pay for the full year. Most returners book for a whole year.

Once we have settled the returners, we take regular intakes of beginners (about 10 at a time) and a coach spends time with them teaching the basics of chess. Once they know the basics, they join the rest of the class in competitions and ladder games.

Children are allowed to come for a week taster session too.


St Peter's Chess Club meets on both Tuesdays and Thursdays after school (3:10pm) in the parents room and it runs until 4:15pm - most members play on one day. Due to limited spaces and resources, we are only able to take players who already know how the basics of chess (how the pieces move, check, checkmate, value of pieces).

If your child doesn't know how to play, we recommend either using Dinosaur Chess (available on PC and tablet) or Chess for Children (Murray Chandler and Helen Milligan) for use at home.

If your child would like to attend, please contact Simon Shepherd in the first instance.


The South Morningside Chess Club is open to children in current P3-P7. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is necessary. 

The Chess Club runs on Monday evenings at the school, from 18.45-19.30 for less experienced players and 19.30-20.25 for more experienced players, during the autumn and spring terms. 

We have a coaching team at each session and the club provides an opportunity to enter the UK Schools Chess Challenge competition (Delancey) and other external competitions. 

If your child is interested in joining please contact


Know of another Primary School in the Lothians running a chess club? Please, let us know!!